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Properly Using Hazardous Equipment

Confined space rescue training

Many industries use equipment that is potentially hazardous. The Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA) is constantly working to make working environments safer places. One of the most dangerous areas are confined spaces.

Confined spaces can hold dangerous materials, in gas or liquid form, that can be hazardous, or even deadly, to people. Confined space training teaches workers about the recovery and rescue of victims stuck in a confined place or stuck somewhere that can only be reached by going through a confined space.

One of the biggest methods to ensure safety is through the OSHA lockout tagout programs. Lock out tag out procedures involve ensuring safety by making sure potentially dangerous machines are properly turned off and tagging them to prevent people from improperly using them. OSHA lockout tagout procedures are great for using for maintenance work.

Any employee working where OSHA lockout tagout programs are in use needs to be instructed in the OSHA lockout tagout programs and warned against restarting or turning on equipment that locked or tagged out. Failing to properly comply to the OSHA lockout tagout programs could result in a hazardous situation. Consequences could include burns, electrocutions, crushing, lacerations, cutting, fractures, amputations, or more.