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Ever Heard of the Dinar? Well, Here it Is

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Iraqi dinar conversion is not as simple as going to the bank, like you would find for Canadian money. No, this Iraq currency carries a lot more of a process with it. Even more when you are looking for dinar for sale. But there are a few companies out there that do sell the dinar to individuals.

But the dinar is an exotic, barely known currency to most Americans. It is exotic due to the fact that Iraq barely has much by way of exports. That is, except for their oil, which they export for dollars, so their main source of trade does not even use dinar. Even though the States has some larger populations of Iraqis in places like Illinois, California, and Michigan, that is certainly not enough to make the idea of finding dinar for sale a more common idea.

In 2003, some new bank notes were issued in different denominations. Those denominations are 50, 250, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000. Those may seem like big amounts, but a single dinar does not equal a single dollar. No, in 2012 a single United States dollar equaled 1,200 dinars. And they are currently rated at around 1,260 dinars per US dollar.

Not only is the American dollar worth more than the dinar, but the dollar is apparently of better quality as well. American money is not printed on paper, despite its feel and easily being ripped. It is actually printed on an incredibly thin cotton or linen cloth. That is why, when you find yourself with a dollar bill that is so old and worn, it feels incredibly soft and almost like fabric. The dinar is not made of such high quality stuff.

No, apparently after the Gulf War in 1991, the currency was printed both in Iraq and in China, and printed on a low quality, poor grade wood pulp paper. Much like the paper that you thought American money was printed on, this actually was printed on paper. And it is nowhere near as durable as the fabric blend used for ours. The actual printing itself lacked in quality as well. The process, known as lithography, was even believed to be done on printing presses intended for printing newspapers, not money at all. Therefore it was never equipped to print out bank notes.

Now that you know some more about the Iraqi money, maybe you would be interested in some dinar for sale. While they are not used here in the United States, nor anywhere else, really, other than Iraq, travelling to Iraq is not out of the question. Consider it for a vacation.

How SEO Companies and their Resellers Form Partnerships

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Did you know that over 40 percent of B2C marketers have said that SEO marketing has had the largest impact on their lead generation goals? Search engine optimization, or SEO, focuses on quality content creation for websites in the form of blogs, blurbs and articles. Most SEO companies also employ some degree of web design and social media marketing in their work.

40 percent of US companies have a blog, and this is not accidental. It is, instead, a reflection of the understanding that content is King. Blogs, for example, increase pages for site indexing by an average of over 400 percent. For a website trying to rank higher in searches, something like this is important. Many of these blogs are, in fact, written by SEO companies. This underscores the importance of creating quality postings, since these postings, if not created professionally, will reflect badly on the company that posts them.

Individual businesses are not the only people who contact SEO businesses, however. SEO resellers are one arm of the SEO process. An SEO reseller is usually a smaller company that specializes in giving their clients another form of online assistance, whether that be email marketing, web design, or site hosting. These businesses want to offer more complete internet packages to their customers in order to stay competitive. The trouble, however, is that to engage in quality SEO that really made an impact, these companies would have to invest thousands of dollars into training and new infrastructure, something most of them can ill afford.

Seo reseller programs are like partnerships between SEO companies and the resellers. The reseller gets to pass along the SEO services to their clients as a private label entity. This means that, although the SEO company will be producing the content, it will only carry the name of the reseller. There are many Seo reseller programs available. Outsourced SEO helps both the SEO and the reseller concentrate on performing the services they do best.

For individuals interested in reselling SEO, the best SEO reseller programs will enable resellers to engage easily with the service and with their clients. This means SEO reseller programs that give a dashboard that displays how well the SEO service is performing in terms of website visits, equipping the reseller with useful instructions as to how to improve their performance, and more.