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A Recipe for Adding Guacamole Nutrition Into Your Diet

Recipes using guacamole

Did you know that guacamole nutrition facts show that you can eat a fourth of a cup and only take in around 91 calories? That is why recipes using guacamole are so popular these days. People are looking for ways to reduce the calories they are taking in, while still being able to enjoy foods that taste delicious.

Another reason why guacamole is so good for you is because it has avocados, which are high in the good, healthy fats your body needs.

That is why fresh guacamole dips are starting to show up in groceries stores across the country, making it even easier for consumers to bring this delicious, low calorie snack into regular rotation in their diet.

Spicy guacamole dip is another popular way to enjoy guacamole nutrition

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Great Local News Stations Will Cover Your Favorite Teams

July is one of the most exciting times of year for sports fans. Major League Baseball teams are in mid season form and in the thick of playoff races, pro football teams are preparing for training camp, and NHL teams are tweaking their rosters by making trades and signing free agents. With all of this activity, it can be difficult for individuals to keep up with all of their favorite teams and players. However, by turning to Detroit Channel 4 news, anyone can keep up with all of the Detroit pro teams. With detailed coverage of the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings, Channel 4 Detroit is a great resource for any fan.

Currently, the Tigers sit on top of the American League Central Division, and have a couple of players who will be in the All Star game. They have a lineup full of exciting players, but because they play nearly every day, and people have busy schedules, it is not easy to catch every game. But by turning on Detroit Channel 4 news before bed and catching highlights, fans will be ab

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Important Information About Flooding

Damage caused by floods

There are very few places in the world that do not have to be concerned about damage from flooding. Annually in the United States, damage from floods cause about $6 billion of damage and kill 140 people. Worldwide, floods total nearly $3 trillion in damage. With the proper knowledge and preparation, rising waters do not have to ruin your livelihood. Here is some important information about flooding that can save you and your home.

1. Flood Causes

Floods result when water overflows or inundates land that is normally dry. This is commonly caused when a nearby body of water, usually a river or stream for the majority of Americans, rises above its banks as a result from excessive rain, ruptured dams, construction in wetlands or melting snow and ice.

2. Flood Dangers

Even the shallowest of streams can

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Getting Married Soon? Have You Ever Thought About Renting a Photo Booth For the Reception? Here Are Some Reasons that You Should

Rental photo booths

Are you getting married soon? Have you ever thought about renting photo booths for weddings? It may seem like a strange idea to rent a photo booth, but here some reasons why you should think about it.

Renting a photo booth for a wedding, or possibly birthday, graduation, or house warning parties, lets you guests go home with favors that they will more than likely actually enjoy and keep. Plus, modern photo booth companies make it possible for all the photos to be saved digitally as well as printed so that yo can keep a copy safe in the cloud.

In the first six months since it was built and installed, the very first photo booth was used by 280,000 people. It cost 25 cents and the photo strip took ten minutes to process but that did not deter people one bit. This excitement over the photo booth has waned a

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