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How Do You Win an Election? Political Marketing of Course

Estructura organizacional de una campaña politica

Marketing politico, or political marketing, is all about the strategic plan behind a campaign to achieve success and ultimately election. How a candidate markets themselves and their campaigns has always been important to politics, but we know that in 1960 when Kennedy and Nixon were facing off that their campaigns were very influenced by political marketing.

Watch any political ad or campaign today and you will see how certain groups are appealed to, and how certain communication methods are employed while others are ignored. The marketing politico 2012 saw was a good example of estrategi

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Five Reasons to Look Into Commercial Cleaning to Help Your Business

Office cleaning companies

So whether you are looking for carpet cleaning services in NYC, NYC office cleaning, or or services anywhere else in the world, commercial cleaning services should be high on your list of additions to your company. Here are just a few reasons to look into commercial office cleaning services.

1. Due to the fact that first impressions are so important in the business world, your office must always be in tip top condition.The office is an incredibly important part of attracting and keeping a customer base, and its appearance should be properly maintained.

2. With commercial office cleaning services, you do not need to worry about supplies, equipment, em

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