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Learn About Obamacare Through Buisness Radio Talk Shows!

Fox business radio

In an age where you can listen to the radio online for free, you can get your business world news directly to you from business radio talk shows while you work. One popular topic that all sources of business and financial news online are covering is the hotly debated Obamacare, which has even caused the Government to shut down.

Recently, business radio talk program Planet Money on NPR, which helps explain the economy, covered the issue of Obamacare. They explained the problem with Obamacare, saying that its death spiral begins when only sick people sign up. Because it’s so expensive to take care of them, the premiums are raised for the next year. Then, only really sick people sign up. Again, the premium becomes raised. The cycle continues until the program simply becomes too expensive and no one buys it.

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