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Google and SEO, a Match Made in Heaven Thanks to Google, SEO is Quickly Becoming a Popular Marketing Trend

There’s no doubt that the internet and online usage is becoming more and more apart of our daily lives. With the ability to easily browse the web through mobile devices our relationship to the web has become closer than ever. It is estimated that 43% of small businesses spend six hours or more per week using social media web sites. About 80% of all website visits, begin on a search engine and Google claims 70% or more of search engine Market Share in the U.S. with other engines such as Bing and Yahoo accounting for the remaining 30%. Don’t get a search engine confused with a web directory list. A web directory list simply lists web sites by category and subcategory; while search engines display lists of web pages based on keywords.

The growing use of search engines has allowed the SEO (search engine optimization) tactic to flourish for online marketers and website reseller companies. Half of the Marketers nationwide have cited SEO as being a “very effective” strategy. Search engines s

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