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When you’re looking for breaking news in Detroit MI, you may want to consider WDIV Channel 4 Detroit. TV reporting can be essential when a new story emerges and there simply isn’t time to wait for Detroit local newspapers before getting the detailed scoop on what is happening. There are several reasons to tune into Channel 4 that go beyond its dependable regular newscast schedule.

The station also boasts a strong online presence, with detailed sections devoted to weather, sports, money, lifestyle and entertainment news, in addition to hard news stories encompassing both the local and national spheres. Along with written articles, there are numerous videos available for viewing that make the stories feel more immediate.

If you want to have articles delivered directly to you, it may be smart to subscribe to any number of Channel 4′s RSS news feeds, which cover local news, politics, technology, and more. If you don’t have access to your TV or desktop computer often, you may want to consider having text alerts sent to your cell phone.

It is also worth noting the extensive team of anchors and reporters on staff. In addition to a committed weather team needed for covering those harsh Detroit winters, Channel 4 has 10 different news anchors and a full roster of reporters including those who specifically focus on the topics of business, health, and style, respectively. There are also the Local 4 Defenders, whose jobs are to cover the investigative stories that you depend on to find out what’s really going on.

If you have further questions, comments, or suggestions on how to get the best breaking news in Detroit MI, share them in the forum below.

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