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Rochester, a once booming city driven by a couple dominating companies has now become a questioning location for business. When you think of the area, big companies like Kodak come to mind, but these once big names within their industries have greatly fallen. The primary cause for the fall of Kodak is the fact that they refused to adapt and change with the times, and now they are paying the price.

Although marketing Rochester NY once had was brilliant, it has now simply become pointless because you need a product to market. This is not consistent with every business, this is just a focus on the let down that Kodak has provided for the area. Kodak refused to change to the digital ways that were rising within the film industry, so they got beat out by their competitors. The point of picking on this company is simple, its because any company must adapt to change in order to compete with their competitors.

Having said that, the same goes for marketing Rochester NY. It does not matter the size nor establishment of the company, they must do whatever it takes to succeed. Currently, online marketing is dominating the industry, and businesses must learn the best new ways to market their products and services.

Today, 54 percent of small business owner have admitted they could use help in improving their social marketing skills. This is smart, because it is no secret how important social media is when it comes to advertising. For some reason 70 percent of small business owners only spend three hours or less a week on email marketing techniques. This does not make any sense, seeing how email marketing is one of the best drivers for marking.

The best tips for advertising for a business would be to outsource these tasks to professional marketers or other independent advertising agencies. Studies have shown that 88 percent of small business owner serves as their own primary marketer, which does not make sense when the marketing rochester ny has to provide to its companies.

It has been argued that advertising is the most powerful art form on Earth, so it should be apparent why focusing on it so much is important. Selecting an advertising agency is simple, you just have to make sure they are good at small business advertising ideas. There are tons of ad agencies out there to outsource these task to, so finding one should not be a problem.


Joel Jensen 07-06-2014, 19:44

Kodak pshh what a freekin joke. its too bad uk, cuz im originally from rochester and saying that was once an amazing thing, now no one knows where it is!

Wesley Rivera 07-07-2014, 19:46

Kodak pshh what a freekin joke. its too bad uk, cuz im originally from rochester and saying that was once an amazing thing, now no one knows where it is!

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