All About Why Hormone Treatments Are Used

Hormone replacement doctors

In a recent study performed in Denmark, women who took bioidentical hormone replacement for 10 years actually had a reduced risk of death, heart attack or heart failure and without any apparent increase in risk of cancer or stroke. All natural hormone replacements have been used for many years, and there is even the option of hormone treatment for men.

Natural hormone therapy is actually used for both men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction, and it also helps individuals maintain a healthy libido. Hormone treatment for men can be done especially in the form of testosterone therapy, as many men prefer a natural hormone treatment to improve their testosterone levels, which helps lead an energetic, healthy lifestyle.

As for women, almost half of all postmenopausal women in America report having used natural HRT, in pill form. On that note, estrogen tablets are the most common form of natural estrogen HRT in America, although there are several other options including transdermal creams, sprays, gels and patches. Estrogen and menopause are linked together, and treatments can truly abate symptoms and ease the process dramatically.

Hormone doctors actually specialize in helping people who medically need hormone treatments. There are plenty of doctors in major cities that operate in clinics, and your primary care doctor can typically refer you to the proper medical center at which to receive treatment.

Ultimately, sometimes people suffer from hormone deficiencies, and due to the increases in medical technology, both men and women can receive medical treatment to live healthy active lifestyles happily. If you suspect you suffer from a hormone deficiency, it would be smart to check out hormone tests and see if there is anything you can do. Hormone treatment truly can make a difference in a person’s life. Visit here for more.

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