Are You a Gamer? Her are a Few Facts You Need to Know Before Investing in a New Keyboard

Backlit usb keyboard

Whether you are a nurse who spends a lot of time on computers during rounds, you are an avid online gamer who needs the latest tech to up the quality of your latest conquest, or you just want a new update, you might want to look into investing in the best wireless keyboard with touchpads. Not only do wireless keyboards with touchpads give you more versatility when it comes to either work or play, but they offer versatility for a whole host of professions. Here are a few important facts you need to know before you decide to invest in wireless illuminated keyboards.

Most keyboards in the United States have a QWERTY layout. This acronym comes from the first 5 letters in the top row. Because this has been the standard for over a century. Ever since Christopher Sholes designed the QWERTY keyboard layout in 1872 for typewriters. Since it has been around for so long, it is not often that you will find an alternative. This is true even with the newest and best wireless keyboard with touchpads.

Though most people these days are able to type fairly quickly since so much of society takes place online, most people can not come close to the fastest typing time ever recorded. The fastest typing speed ever recorded on an alphanumeric keyboard, the traditional QWERTY set up, was achieved by Stella Pajunas in 1946. She typed 216 words in 60 seconds. No one has come close for more than 60 years.

Did you know that, in 2012, an estimated 355.2 million computers were sold globally? Because of the fact that more and more industries require the use of a computer, many job positions in the United States require employees to type anywhere between 60 and 90 WPM. If fact, a lot of companies require potential hires to pass a typing test before they are actually given a position.

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