Are You Having Trouble Keeping up with Breaking News in Detroit Michigan?

Detroit news headlines

To say that the Motor City is experiencing a political and financial upheaval would be the understatement of the century. As the New York Times writes, Detroit owes a whopping $18 billion to a wide variety of lenders, investors, and employees. As the proud city struggles to get its affairs in order, a process which is looking to involve bankruptcy, millions more in debt is accumulating as accountants and debt mediators solve the problem.

Of course, the problem with Detroit’s debt problem is the same as it is anywhere else across the country; people are going to lose their jobs and have their entire world change in the blink of an eye. The Huffington Post writes that 21,000 municipal employees face losing their city pensions. If Detroit’s bid for bankruptcy is successful, policemen, firemen, councilmen, and a wide variety of other city employees risk losing the only retirement income they have.

Whether you are one of the city’s endangered municipal employees or you are simply a concerned citizen looking to be educated on breaking news in Detroit Michigan, here are four ways you can get the latest news as it happens.

  • Go Traditional
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    Although many of TVs most popular shows continue to hemorrhage viewers, with famous shows like “Modern Family” losing 10% year over year according to Brigham Young University, the fact remains that TV-based news remains an important, popular source of Detroit local news. If you’re not much of an internet or mobile person, then your best bet for up-to-date news that affects you as a Detroit local is through your local TV stations, like Detroit channel 4.

  • Take Advantage of Mobile Alerts
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    Makeuseof writes that one of the best ways to stay up on breaking news in Detroit Michigan is through the mobile alerts services many news outlets offer. Many news services require a specific app for their service, while many others will let you put your number into their website, delivering content via text message as it becomes available. If you want a simple way to keep up with breaking news in Detroit Michigan, sign up for your favorite outlet’s text service.

  • Mobile News Applications
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    While there are specific apps built for individual news services, the best applications for tracking a variety of local news is with a general news solution, like SPUN. According to, SPUN allows users to input their local information. This in turn allows the application to custom pick and deliver breaking news in Detroit Michigan to your phone or tablet as it happens.

  • Twitter
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    According to a recent study from Oriella PR Network, 59% of journalists worldwide use Twitter to break stories. Twitter allows content to be created and published instantly, often beating out competing news agencies by seconds. Of course, this means more active, aggressive reporting for news agencies, but more importantly, it means more constant, up-to-date breaking news in Detroit Michigan for people like you.

If you want to stay current on all breaking news in Detroit Michigan that could affect your job, your pension, and your lifestyle, then use these four sources to do so. Whether you’re mobile or more traditional in the way you consume news, there is an option for you.

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