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Pet insurance

We have all heard about the rewards of dog ownership; in fact, we have heard about the basic dog ownership perks so much that most of them have become cliches. Even if you have never owned a dog and still have no desire to own one, you know that “a dog is man’s best friend,” and that “a dog is always delighted to see its owner after a long day apart.” One thing that only pet owners understand, however, is the annual cost of caring for their dog.

According to the ASPCA, it costs between $200 and $500 dollars per year to feed a medium or large dog. While small toy breeds can be considerably less expensive to feed, food is probably the easiest pet cost to manage. It is actually the veterinary costs that can become quite a burden for some pet owners. The good news is the best pet insurance can make even the costliest veterinary procedures affordable for almost any dog owner.

Sure, people who do not own pets tend to scoff at the idea of pet health insurance. But if your pet has ever needed emergency medical care, teeth cleaning, or the removal of a benign tumor, you know that it is not hard to run up a $1,000 veterinary bill. Even if a dog is still young and your current veterinary bill only adds up to about $200 per year, you never know when an emergency might occur. Even if it does not, even cheap pet insurance is a worthy investment, if only for the peace of mind.

Those folks who stand to benefit most from vet pet insurance are pet owners with dogs over the age of seven. When a dog reaches the seven years of age, most veterinarians will consider it a senior dog, and recommend two exams per year. It is also important to realize that aging dogs are similar to aging humans; the older they get, they will begin to have more medical problems.

Regardless of the breed or age of your dog, pet insurance can be invaluable when your vet informs you that you have to choose between a $2,000 surgery and putting your dog to sleep. Since every good pet owner strives to do everything they can to keep there dogs around for as long as possible, pet insurance is well worth the cost.

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