Essential Mobile Device Management Software


Since 2010, sales of smartphones have increased by 63 percent. Given the enthusiasm and popularity generated by smartphones over the last decade, 71 percent of businesses have enacted a Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, policy. This allows employees to use their own smartphones for company related business. Due to security purposes, in the past it was a common practice for companies to forbid the use of personal phones on company grounds. Naturally, BYOD creates security issues that warrant the use of effective mobile device management software, which is also known as MDM software management.

Companies caught on fairly quickly to the fact that smartphones and mobile devices could lend significant opportunities to their companies in terms of efficiency and production. However, they also recognized that BOYD also created unprecedented security risks, as well. Consequently, these forward thinking companies began to utilize device management software as a company safeguard. Mobile device management systems allow companies to remotely access any employee device. For instance, in the event that an employee device is lost or stolen, the company can access the device and instantly delete from it any sensitive company information via a mobile device management system.

While every company want to take advantage of every form of technology that could improve employee performance, it also must remain vigilant. And when it comes to mobile technology, there is always a significant element of risk involved. Fortunately, mobile device management software virtually eliminates these risks when used properly. Read more about this topic at this link.

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