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Reasons why people divorce

Are you in the middle of divorce proceedings and you need a reliable lawyer to oversee your legal interests? Are you concerned that the laws against elder abuse are not being recognized in the treatment of your loved one? On either case, you’ll like want to find a lawyer who works at family law practice and has the necessary experience to represent your interests.

Whether you are looking for a family divorce lawyer or elder care attorneys, it is important that you choose legal professionals who are very familiar the specific statutes, rules, and regulations that apply in your state, as well as pertinent statistics that may have bearing on your particular case. For example, reports that in order to get a divorce in the state of California, one of the members of the union has to have lived in the state for at least half a year. The Judicial Branch of California reports that in addition to divorce, a marriage is typically ended in that state through an annulment or a legal separation.

Furthermore, if you are looking to go through the family adoption process in California, it helps to know the general situation in the state. In the year 2011, the typical age of adopted child was 5.7 years old, as found by SPARC of California. The State Policy Advocacy and Reform Center states that 5,673 kids who were in foster care in California were adopted in 2011. That said, the typical adopted child that year had to wait over three years before the adoption process was finalized.

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