Four Tips for Dealing with Coin Dealers

Where to sell sterling silver

Are you interested in reselling your coins or antique jewelry? Many people are looking for ways either to cash in on collections or inheritances. Here are several tips for finding responsible coin dealers.

First, where should you try selling coins? A certified and professional coin dealer is the best way to go. Look for someone who has a good standing in the community and among other coin sellers. If people will vouch for the fairness of your coin dealer, it is likely they will give you a fair price. Someone who is staying in the area will not want to gather a negative reputation about their dealing practices.

Second, when you go to sell coins, have at least an idea of how much your coins are worth. Knowledgeable coin dealers will be able to give you a price that is within a reasonable percentage of what listed potential prices are for your pieces. Keep in mind that there are multiple factors that can contribute to coin value, including the overall condition of the coin.

Third, when you want to know where to sell sterling silver, coin dealers are a good option. It is easy to know the street value of sterling silver and most coin dealers with have an amenable price per ounce.

Fourth, if you are interested in finding antique jewelry buyers, coin dealers can often give you a good idea of where to sell estate jewelry. Since they do not stand to gain from your sale, they will be honest and will have good information since these are two trades that often work closely together.

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