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There are remedies for people who need IRS back taxes help. For instance, you can file a DATC, or Doubt as to Collectability. This option is available for people who will never be able to pay their tax bill in full. Paying taxes has always been a requirement in this country. Did you know that the U.S. Congress even raised taxes to help pay for the Civil War effort in 1862? In fact, the nation’s first income tax law was imposed on U.S. citizens in order to help pay for the cost of the Civil War.

When an employee is in debt and a wage garnishment is ordered, their employer is required to withhold a certain percentage of the employee’s earnings. Usually a court order for this is required. However, the IRS can order a wage garnishment without a court order. An IRS garnishment is one of the most dreaded powers that the IRS can wield against delinquent taxpayers. If you are late with your payments and you need tax debt relief to stop irs wage garnishment, you should go to a tax resolution firm. They can give you the tax relief help you need today.

The IRS can put a tax lien or legal claim against your property too. Back tax relief can be a simple phone call away though. Sometimes an improperly trained IRS employee can improperly impose an IRS penalty. If this happens to you, do not despair. You can get the IRS back taxes help you need by a professional tax resolution firm. Irs back taxes help is available and found by searching the term “IRS back taxes help.”

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