Interviewing Tips and Tricks From a Pageant Coach

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There are more than 100,000 American pageant contestants under age 12 that are competing each year. While they may enjoy it for the competition, the benefits of winning can include college scholarships or similar prizes. In the past, pageants served to promote products and county fairs, but today they have become more competitive. To thrive in the pageant world, it might make sense to find pageant coaches that can consult on pageant interview questions and answers.

You can find a coach to help you progress through the ranks of beauty pageants with some preliminary research. First, you want to talk with friends and colleagues to see if they have recommendations or prior experiences with pageant coaching. Understanding their preferences and challenges can assist you in choosing someone to coach you through different tips, tricks and pageant interview questions and answers.

As part of your initial research for a pageant coach, you can also look at various third party websites to read their reviews. Typically, contestants will post their comments about their experiences that you can use to narrow down your search. You should look for comments about winning records, experience and their expertise. Usually these comments, coupled with research from the coaches personal websites will give you enough information to decide which expert you should consult with.

Figuring out how to choose your coach will be significantly easier if you do the background research on their methods and how well it aligns with upcoming pageants. It lets you get a glimpse of the types of training and activities that they recommend and what opportunities the contestants have for success. You can take all of your research and confirm it with an initial consultation. This will also allow you to see how the coach interacts in relation to training contestants.

Another key to evaluating a pageant coach is their interviewing technique. They will probably want to interview you to determine if you are a match also. You can observe how they interact with you and whether they can ask the hard questions. While the various lessons are not as much about learning hard facts, but more about getting you ready for further pageants, it will also give you insight into their communication style they are known for. Sometimes these types of interactions are as valuable as any other observation in choosing your pageant coach.
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