Relationship Counselling Helps Couples Reconnect

Family and marriage counseling

For most people, the dream is to meet someone special, fall in love, and live happily ever after. This is certainly the case if you live in Idaho and Utah, where it seems that just about everyone is married. Unfortunately, all too often, once we are in a relationship, the magic begins to fade. We can forget the reasons we fell in love with our partner and think that the only solution is to end the relationship. Fortunately, there is a less drastic solution that can help save many relationships.

The key to any relationship is good communication. Once communication begins to deteriorate in a relationship, it only becomes harder and harder for couples to fall back in love with one another. One way that has been shown to help couples communicate better is relationship counselling.

One type of relationship counselling is called IMAGO therapy. IMAGO therapy is all about discovering what you are looking for in a partner but are not aware of. With IMAGO therapy, a relationship counsellor helps couples reconnect with one another by getting them to talk and listen to each other in a new way. Once communication is restored, couples begin to remember and rediscover what first caused them to fall in love with their partner.

The majority of couples who have tried relationship counselling have found it to be useful in saving their relationship. Relationship counselling is available in many different forms for couples of all kinds. Young couples counselling, for example, can help young couples, while family and marriage counselling can address issues broader than just the relationship, like children. It is important to note that couples counselling is not just for those who are married but for any couple who wants to rediscover love in their relationship. See this link for more:

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