Searching For Faith In Troubled Times

Finding faith

Are you experiencing a crisis of faith? Or maybe the very idea of finding faith is new to you. Humans throughout the ages have come to understand that finding faith in god is one of the few transformations that can lift a person’s soul out of the depths of despair and return them to a world of possibility.

Finding faith in God is not easy. We live in a troubled world, full of strife, dishonesty and other ills that affect the strong and the weak alike, the just and the wicked both. But discovering inspirational words and images from those who truly believe in a higher power can be a tremendous source of support when reaching out toward finding faith in god. Perhaps a book of uplifting poetry about the triumph of the spirit is just what you need to help direct your attention to the call of the Divine.

I know many people who have struggled with addiction, depression, violence and other forces that threaten to break the spirit and distract them from their highest inner calling. But for these people, finding faith in God was the gateway to a better life, and to a belief that there is order to the universe and a divine hand at work in the ongoing process of their own growth.

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