The History of Blogging

A little over a decade ago, blogging became quite the rage. As such, anyone who went around with the word blogs on their lips was consider a part of a secret, hipster collective. As with any trend, however, the hipness of blogging wore off in a few short months. However, as the novelty of blogs wore off, they seemed to pick up quite a bit of steam, as they quickly became legitimate news vehicles. While blogging started as an underground phenomenon through which creepy individuals would discuss their sordid ideas, today every legitimate news organization offers several blogs. As such, the internet is oversaturated with blogger info, blogging news, and a mixture of great blogs and not so great blogs. The cool thing about blogs, however, is the fact that there is a blog for everyone with every interest.

Blogging has grown from something that seemed subversive to something that is so mainstream that every reporter under the sun has his or her own blog. And to make blogging easier, there are a few popular blogging websites that offer free blogs to anyone with the ambition to start a blog. Although blog info and blogger news is a way of internet life today, during the early days of blogging, the word blog did not even exist. Instead, they were simply referred to as online journals or online dictionaries through which individuals who were starved for attention would offer, their diatribes on a number of issues to whomever would listen. During the late 1990s, as is so common to the younger people of today, the term weblog was shortened, as the word weblog can sure be a tongue twister. As such, the portmanteau blog became a buzz word among the internet hipster geeks of the world.

Whatever one feels about blogging, they are not going anywhere too soon. While many people who engage in blogging wish to remain anonymous, there are those who revel in the soapbox with which a blog provides them. It is too bad that only their moms choose to follow them. Overall, blogging is a rather innocent, harmless activity through which 30 somethings lurking in their parents basements can derive some form or self satisfaction, and perhaps achieve some sort of catharsis.

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