Tune Into Detroit Local News or Miss Out

Let us take a look at channel 4 Detroit. Whether looking for news, weather, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business or local news, news 4 Detroit has it. The stories that Detroit 4 news covers span the realms of Detroit local news, national news, and world news. Broadcasting breaking news and keeping viewers informed on severe weather warnings and important community happenings are what the Detroit channel 4 news team are dedicated to doing.

While visiting the Detroit local news website recently, I discovered that we are in the middle of Michigan Craft Beer Month. I had no idea this was even going on (not that I need an excuse to indulge in a delicious micro brew. The article I read introduced me to the concept of craft beer month, which was established to celebrate the great craft breweries Michigan is home to, while giving support to the local economies of the Michigan area.

I also learned from Detroit local news that one of the biggest Craft Beer Month celebrations takes place in Detroit on Friday, June 21st, and Saturday, June 22nd. The Summer Beer Fest is to take place at Detroits Campus Martius Park and will have 120 craft beers available to taste and food provided by local restaurants. Admission to the festival depends on whether you purchase a one or two day pass. The prices are $45 and $70, respectively. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Detroit community, have a blast, and sample some of the finest craft beers in America.

Detroit local news is up and running online and on channel 4 to inform all of us Detroit citizens on what is going on in our beloved city. Whether it is the weather, the economy, politics, world news, traffic reports, or fun events such as the beer fest, Detroit local news is my go to source for learning about current events.

Cheers, and drink responsibly!

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