What to Know About Hyperbaric Treatments

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers

As we get older, things change. We do not exercise as much and we do not breathe as deeply as we once did. This means we are receiving less oxygen, something that is vital for a healthy immune system. This can explain why some of the more serious and long term conditions we face do not hit us until we are older. However, there is a solution that is readily available for everyone.

Hyperbaric centers offer a new standard in health. These are traditionally a hard shelled pressure vessel that surrounds you in a 95 percent oxygen environment. The added pressure actually forces more oxygen into your body than breathing alone can accomplish. People employ hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injuries, fever, skin rashes, radiation necrosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, Lyme disease, and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. This is a chronic pain disorder that may include increased touch sensitivity, swelling, muscle atrophy, changes in skin color and temperature, abnormal sweating, and even depression.

Regular visits to a hyperbaric center will result in reduced inflammation and up to 8 times better circulation of stem cells throughout your body. You will even see blood vessels in damaged areas of your body begin to rebuild. Granted, if the cells are dead they are dead, but most of the time they are simply damaged. The extra oxygen flow is often all it takes to bring them back to life. Finally, you will notice improved clarity in your brain and more energy overall.

Hyperbaric centers offer a great service for public health. Whether you have one of the many conditions improved by this kind of treatment or you simply want to lead a more active lifestyle, this can be a life changing therapy for you. Look up your local office today and see what works best for you.

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