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Maritime Claims Unravelling the Code

Defense base act attorney

Whatever the economic controversies surrounding the Jones Act (or Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act, requiring that any shipping done between US ports be done by US constructed ships bearing US flags, US crews, and owned by US citizens), its purpose is clearly a noble one… to protect the rights and jobs of US sailors and seamen. But it is not the only such act.

The Defense base act attorneys can tell you is intended to provide workers compensation benefits and protection to civilian workers working on US military bases outside of the US. This is further augmented by the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, which maintains reserve securities of over $2.8B, in order to continue to provide workers compensation protection and benefits for injured workers, even if the company for which they work becomes insolvent. Should an employee die while on the job, the DBA and the Longshore Act can help provide for their funerals and their families.

Maritime claims for workers compensation can be especially important to the families of those workers, families who know all too well the risks and dangers of a life spent at sea. When the unthinkable happens, maritime claims attorneys are ready and able to help those families get the help, guidance, and peace of mind they need to weather any storm. Maritime law can be a tricky know to untie, but with the help of professional DBA attorneys as well as maritime claims lawyers, no worker or their family will have to go it alone. For more, read this link:

Choosing the Right High Temperature Seal

High temperature seal

When using expensive equipment and making sure the machinery in your business’s facility functions consistently and with high quality, high pressure seals such as spring energized seals that are dependable and made of superior materials is totally essential. The malfunctioning of gaskets and other pieces of machinery can cost you and your business exorbitant amounts of time, money and energy that can detract from running your company the way it needs to be run for efficiency and high profits.

The type of seals available can vary, and the seals you choose will depend on the kind of equipment you use and the work environment in general. A high temperature seal can function pneumatically, as a rotary seal, or as a basic and cost friendly O ring.

Beyond spring energized seals, there are also static seals that allow for no movement whatsoever. High temperature oil seals may be made of various materials, from polyurethane to rubber. Comparing the kinds of seals and the various kinds of materials used to make the seals can be key to making sure your machinery performs optimally. You may find that a stand O ring is suitable, but you may also find that spring energized seals are the best fit for you and your machinery.

High temperature seals must be able to withstand extreme conditions on a daily basis, so selecting the right seal is an important process. Share your questions and comments below. Feedback on the best seals to use for different circumstances can be very valuable.

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