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Are You Having Trouble Keeping up with Breaking News in Detroit Michigan?

Detroit news headlines

To say that the Motor City is experiencing a political and financial upheaval would be the understatement of the century. As the New York Times writes, Detroit owes a whopping $18 billion to a wide variety of lenders, investors, and employees. As the proud city struggles to get its affairs in order, a process which is looking to involve bankruptcy, millions more in debt is accumulating as accountants and debt mediators solve the problem.

Of course, the problem with Detroit’s debt problem is the same as it is anywhere else across the country; people are going to lose their jobs and have their entire world change in the blink of an eye. The Huffington Post writes that 21,000 municipal employees face losing their city pensions. If Detroit’s bid for bankruptcy is successful, policemen, f

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Find the Right Local TV Newscast for You


When you’re looking for breaking news in Detroit MI, you may want to consider WDIV Channel 4 Detroit. TV reporting can be essential when a new story emerges and there simply isn’t time to wait for Detroit local newspapers before getting the detailed scoop on what is happening. There are several reasons to tune into Channel 4 that go beyond its dependable regular newscast schedule.

The station also boasts a strong online presence, with detailed sections devoted to weather, sports, money, lifestyle and entertainment news, in addition to hard news stories encompassing both the local and national spheres. Along with written articles, there are numerous videos available for viewing that make the stories feel more immediate.

If you want to have articles delivered directly to you, it may be smart to subscribe to any numb

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Breaking News in Detroit

Detroit channel 4 news

Motor City residents are using more than just their cars to stay mobile. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a primary source for up-to-the-minute news coverage. Instead of waiting to get breaking news in Detroit local newspapers, citizens can watch and follow the Detroit headlines as they happen, getting the most timely information on the stories that matter to them most. Here’s just a sample of what’s happening around town.

  • A heat advisory is in effect for the Detroit area, as temperatures are expected to crest 100 degrees. Citizens are advised to refrain from exertion and stay indoors, particularly the very young and very old, two demographics most dramatically affected by prolonged high temperatures.
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  • The Frank Murphy Hall of Justice as well as the Wayne County buildi

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The 3 Best Ways to Keep Up With Breaking News Stories

The city of Detroit has struggle financially for years, as its role as an automotive powerhouse has diminished. In fact, the situation has become so difficult that the city had to file for bankruptcy. To keep up with the bankruptcy story and other breaking news in Detroit, individuals will have to find a reliable news source that provides updates as they happen. Fortunately, there are many ways for people impacted by the bankruptcy to get the updates they need.

Picking up and reading the paper has been great way for individuals to keep up with the developments in their community for years. In fact, they are so popular that nearly every town has its own newspaper and paper boys that deliver them right to doorsteps. The best papers will have not only information and facts about all important stories, like the bankruptcy, but also some interesting commentary and opinion. That combination has made reading the paper a daily event for lots of people who want to stay knowledgeable in their c

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Great Local News Stations Will Cover Your Favorite Teams

July is one of the most exciting times of year for sports fans. Major League Baseball teams are in mid season form and in the thick of playoff races, pro football teams are preparing for training camp, and NHL teams are tweaking their rosters by making trades and signing free agents. With all of this activity, it can be difficult for individuals to keep up with all of their favorite teams and players. However, by turning to Detroit Channel 4 news, anyone can keep up with all of the Detroit pro teams. With detailed coverage of the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings, Channel 4 Detroit is a great resource for any fan.

Currently, the Tigers sit on top of the American League Central Division, and have a couple of players who will be in the All Star game. They have a lineup full of exciting players, but because they play nearly every day, and people have busy schedules, it is not easy to catch every game. But by turning on Detroit Channel 4 news before bed and catching highlights, fans will be ab

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