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Discover How Pottery Is Made

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Pottery is one of the oldest human crafts. In fact, ceramic artifacts have been found dating as far back as 29,000 BCE. Pottery is also a universal human activity. Evidence of pottery has been uncovered on every continent, and many civilizations have figured out how to make pottery.

All pottery begins with clay, which is then shaped into the desired form. This shaping process can be performed a number of ways. The simplest is to use one’s hands. However, many experienced pottery makers use a tool called a pottery wheel. The clay is placed in the center of a pottery wheel, which then spins. The spinning motion allows the pottery maker to evenly shape the clay.

Once the shaping process is complete, the clay is ready to be

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Do You Know Anything About Pottery

How to make pottery

Did you know that pottery is not just made with one material? Interesting! It can actually be made from earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. How to make pottery is done by forming a clay body into objects of required shape and then heating them at high temperatures in a kiln. You ever heard of a Kiln? Well if you have not, a kiln is used to remove all of the water from the clay, which is the process that helps it increase its strength and it is what allows it to harden and set the shape.

These steps of pottery making are fun and tedious, yet relaxing and stress reliving, but now the really fun part comes in! The fire! uh oh, be careful you pyros, do not have too much fun with this part! So anyway, the firing aspect is used to pertinently harden the wares, but must be used in the right way based on the

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