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There are approximately 50 to 60 million people who play golf the world over. In The United States, an estimated 27,000 people play golf regularly, according to the PGA, and there are 17,000 golf courses in America. Many of them are pretty amazing. In St. George, Utah, which is considered the golf capitol of the state, the best public golf courses offer stunning views of Zion National Park. St. Andrews Golf Club, which was founded in 1888 in Yonkers, NY, is believed to be the oldest permanently existing golf club in the U.S. These golf courses and many other provide golfers with an excellent opportunity for picking up golf grip tips and golf stance tips.

There is a lot of interesting trivia related to golf grip tips. For instance, did you know that the longest recorded golf putt was an astounding 375 feet, and that a 100 mile an hour golf club swing typically carries the driver a maximum of 8 yards for each 25 degree Fahrenheit increase in air temperature? As well, the odds of making a hole in one shot twice during the same round of golf are just 1 in 67 million! Another nifty golf fact has to do with Helen Hicks, the 1931 US Amateur champion. She was one of the very first female golfers to turn professional, having signed with Wilson in 1934. Hicks was renowned for both her golf grip tips and golf tips for chipping.

Professional golfers have an average swing speed of approximately 96mph. Yet, for those who have spent time learning golf swing tips for beginners, the average MPH tends to be higher. Golfers can also increase their speed of swing by learning golf grip tips. Having the proper golf grip tips at your disposal can make you a more effective golfer.

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  1. I have played golf in St. George and at St. Andrews in Yonkers. The best state for golf, though, in my humble opinion, is Delaware. There are so many terrific courses there. I have become a much better golfer just by playing there.

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