Choosing the Right Car for You

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Never in history has there been greater variety in the automotive market. While less than 100 years ago, in 1916, 55% of the world’s cars were Model T Fords, that record has never been beaten. There are endless makes, models, upgrades, and features available that make it possible for virtually any person to find a car that fits his or her personality. One study conducted by a professor of psychology at Colorado State University found that about 25% of people name their cars, a trend indicating that many of us view our vehicles as major and important parts of our lives.

Local auto dealers carry a plethora of foreign and domestic makes, many of which also enjoy popularity throughout the world. The U.S. owns only 22.1% of the General Motors market share, and China supports about 35% of total Buick sales. Whichever vehicle you choose to buy, the process of visiting a lot, making a choice, and finalizing the deal can be a difficult one. Here, we’ll look at some new car buying tips and tricks for those visiting GM auto dealers.

  1. Consider your needs. GM auto dealers will have vehicles suited to a number of different lifestyles. This question isn’t about what you want. It’s about what your car absolutely must be able to do. Do you need automatic transmission? All wheel drive? Certain safety features? Cargo capacity? Towing capability? Adjustable seats? Will the car fit in your garage?
  2. What can you afford? Unless you’re paying cash, you’ll have to take out a loan to buy a new car from GM auto dealers. Determine an affordable monthly payment, probably nothing more than 20% of your monthly take-home pay, and go from there.
  3. What’s in stock? Go online to figure out which cars are for sale and available at your local GM auto dealers. Once you see what’s available, it will be easier to narrow down your options.
  4. Take a test drive. Notice how comfortable you feel behind the wheel, whether the controls are easy to read and use, and how it handles.

Once you’ve thought about those major things, you’ll be ready to consider less important factors like color and body style. Head to your local dealer with a solid idea of what you’re looking for, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to make a good decision. Find more.

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