Durham, North Carolina One of the Most Underrated Cities for Renters

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According to recent research provided by Hart Research Associates, 61 percent of Americans believe renters can be just as financially successful as home owners in the United States. Although it is estimated that 49 percent of rental units in the U.S. are rented by 1 person, recent DM Data Base research suggests that one person dwellings do not account for for the majority of that percentage. The DM Data Base research shows that only 34 percent of renters in the U.S. obtain apartment rentals for single-family dwelling purposes. These recent statistics illustrate the reality that over half of the rental population are families, and are indeed just opportune for financial success as renters in a single-family situation.

For residents in the state of North Carolina, the city of Durham may be a location to consider moving into when looking at apartments to rent. Each year, Durham, NC receives an estimated 7.8 million visitors who spend approximately $780 million in the region alone. This consistent injection of market surplus suggests the region is feasible for the success of businesses, organizations, and families. Durham, the fourth largest state in North Carolina, hosts 233,252 residents, and is the home of the prominent Duke, and North Carolina Central University. Apartments to rent in the Durham area is beginning to look appealing.

Durham NC apartments are occupied by a diverse group of renters. From single-wage families, to students, to even the researches living in the “research triangle” area, involved with the research efforts of the surrounding universities, the local apartments in Durham are suitable for virtually any renter. The growth of Durham began to rekindle during the early 1980’s, with the construction of multiple housing developments in the southern region of the city (nearest Research Triangle Park), and the beginning projects in pursuit of downtown revitalization. The city has continued its efforts of revitalization in recent years by partnering with developers from around the world. For example, Durham continues to promote the redevelopment of many of its former tobacco districts, continue projects geared towards the improvement of the Durham Performing Arts Center, and the installation of the new Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

In addition to the features of the city, the strong financial market, and affordable rental rates, many of the apartments in Durham feature the traditional, yet nonetheless valuable, apartment community amenities such as pools, gyms, and other facilities that are at the disposal of the renters. Durham NC apartments are proven to benefit renters of all forms, so entertaining the idea of looking for apartments to rent in this area comes well recommended. Read more about this topic at this link: www.clairmontathillandale.com

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  1. I attended Duke University and lived in Durham from 1990-2006 and will always consider that area to be my home. I rented two apartments in that region and loved both of them.

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