How to Find the Average Cost Dental Implants Require

Average cost of dental implants

A cosmetic dentist is someone who rides through the galaxy on a giant neon toothbrush. Oh wait, that would be a cosmic dentist! Sorry. How about we try that again?

A cosmetic dentist is a doctor that specializes in special elective surgery or procedures to enhance a smile. That sounds more accurate. Whether you want to whiten your teeth, make them straighter or even get new ones, you can likely find a local cosmetic dentist for all of your toothy needs.

Obviously, a large factor that comes into play here is cost. Can you get affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures? What is the average cost dental implants require? To answer these questions and more, here are four quick facts about what dental cosmetics can do.

1. History loves company

Toothbrushes have been around in one form or another since the earliest civilizations. In Asia, a popular method of teeth cleaning was using swine bristles or spiky plants as a natural brush. In Rome and Greece, people fashioned crushed bone and oyster shells into tools specialized for teeth cleaning. Today, you can pick up a plastic one at the store for a few bucks, thankfully.

2. Smiley smile

According to data provided by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, about two-thirds of all the patients who seek cosmetic teeth surgery are female. This can be for any number of procedures or treatments such as teeth whitening, invisible braces or even dental implants. But what is the average cost dental implants, braces or whitening would require?

3. Stop it before it starts

One of the best ways to save yourself the hassle of average dental implant surgery is to take proper care of your teeth. As long as you still have them, you might as well brush and floss regularly in addition to visiting your dentist at least twice a year. Gingivitis, one of the most common oral diseases, is completely preventable and reversible, too. This can save you the average cost dental implants can necessitate.

4. Implants and veeners

If you have gaps in your smile, it might be time to think about filling them in. A dental implant in the bone socket of your missing tooth can last a lifetime when properly taken care of. A veneer, made out of either porcelain or composite materials, can improve the appearance of a tooth by removing about a millimeter of enamel and placing it on top. Both can give you a fuller, more vibrant smile.

So what is the average cost dental implants, braces or whitening requires? That all depends on how much work you need to get done. But one thing is for sure: It is an investment in a brighter future for your smile. More on this:


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  1. do most cosmetic dentists all do the same things? like i could go to one and get the same treatment options that any other would provide?

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