The Benefits of the Leading Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Not many people will believe it, but official medical statistics show that an astonishing 22.5 million Americans either used illegal drugs, or abused prescription drugs during 2011. Of course, that number does not even take into consideration the thousands of Americans whose illegal and prescription drug habits are yet to be discovered.

America’s drug problem has been written about, discussed, and debated ad nauseum for decades. But drug abuse is nothing new, as artists and writers have been imbibing with drugs for centuries. Thus, the ill-fated rock stars and actors whose names need no mention are merely the most recent victims in a line of casualties that included Edgar Allan Poe, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and dozens of other writers and artists.

Fortunately, drug and alcohol detox centers are commonplace today, and the are possible the one advantage that drug and alcohol addicts of today have over their forebears. For instance, if you are an addict living in, say, Fort Lauderdale, FL, any doctor in Fort Lauderdale can point you in the direction of a high quality drug or alcohol treatment program.

As most educated people know, drug and alcohol addiction is almost impossible to overcome permanently cold turkey. Not only will the addicts’ bodies crave drugs like heroin, methodone, oxycontin, morphine, and oxycodone, the pain associated with common withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable. Thus, if that same Fort Lauderdale resident truly wants to overcome his or her drug addiction, he or she should contact a doctor in Fort Lauderdale who can put him or her in touch with a top addiction rehabilitation program.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is challenging enough to overcome with support behind you, so why would anyone seriously think they can walk the road to recovery alone? In fact, when they are fighting their addiction alone, no road exists, at all. On the other hand, with the help of a reputable addiction treatment program, they have the best chance to finally battle their addiction demons with success. More on this:

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